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Alliant Corporate Housing

Your Furnished Housing Ally

(888) 900-ALLY (2559)

Fully-Furnished & Equipped Apartments For Businesses & Individuals

Why Travelers Choose Alliant
Corporate Housing

Your Furnished Housing Ally

Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, relocating to a new city, going through a medical procedure or treatment, or in any other situation where you need temporary furnished housing, Alliant Corporate Housing will provide you with a place that feels like home while you're away from home!

When staying with Alliant Corporate Housing, we ensure we will exceed your expectations! All of our accommodations include top-tier customer service, premium locations, outstanding accommodations, luxurious amenities, fully-furnished and equipped, high-speed WiFi & Streaming, free parking and so much more!


All-inclusive Rates!

All of our apartments come fully-furnished and equipped along with the following amenities, and more!
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High Speed Wifi
ScreenShot Tool -20231006141939.png
Streaming Tv
Guest Support
Easy Access
Pro Cleaned
Inclusive rates

Stay With Your Ally

Our mission is to provide stellar accommodations and superior customer service for our guests comfort and satisfaction during their temporary housing needs.

My family and I lost our home due to Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX and thank you to Alliant Corporate Housing for providing us a safe, furnished apartment to feel at home in while our home was under repairs from the storm. They worked directly with our insurance company and made a difficult time a lot easier.

- Cody R., Houston, TX

Our company is constantly moving our teams around the country for different projects, and as head of the mobility team, it puts a lot of pressure on me. We decided to use Alliant Corporate Housing for all our temporary housing needs because of everything they offer! With our ally, we can manage all our reservations from one account on their portal, making paperwork, move-ins, and move-outs a breeze. Aside from having outstanding customer service, and an easy to use system, Alliant Corporate Housing goes above and beyond for us and provides stellar accommodations!

- Rebecca L., Head of Mobility

I am a patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX and needed to be near the hospital for three months for my radiation and surgery. I found Alliant Corporate Housing and made the right decision. The apartment was well furnished and stocked with everything I needed during my stay. They went above and beyond for us, even gave us a unit with a power-lift recliner, and walk-in shower, which helped with my recovery!

Stacy T., Seattle, WA

Trusted by Hundreds

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